Inspiring Change: Penn Medicine's Approach to Hispanic Infant Mortality

Delve into the story behind our video production that sheds light on infant mortality rates among the Hispanic population in Chester County. Discover the journey from concept to creation, showcasing the power of visual storytelling in advocating for positive societal transformation.


The challenge

Unveiling a Health Crisis: Hispanic Infant Mortality Rates on the Rise

In our endeavor to address a pressing healthcare concern, we confronted the challenge of rising infant mortality rates among the Hispanic population in a city.

Faced with the need to bring attention to this critical issue, we collaborated with Penn Medicine to create a compelling narrative that would resonate with diverse audiences.

The solution

Visual Advocacy: Crafting a Powerful Narrative with Penn Medicine

Our approach to the challenge centered around a strategic and impactful solution: a powerful video that would serve as a catalyst for awareness and advocacy.

Working closely with Penn Medicine, we crafted a visually compelling and emotionally resonant narrative that not only highlighted the gravity of the issue but also communicated a call to action.


The results

Measurable Impact: Driving Change and Awareness through Video Advocacy

From increased community engagement and heightened awareness to measurable shifts in perceptions and attitudes, the impact of our video was incredible.

The project contributed to fostering a greater understanding of the issue, promoting dialogue, and ultimately making strides towards addressing the challenges associated with Hispanic infant mortality in the city.

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